The Oregon Employers Trust (OET) was Oregon's most recent self-insured group established as alternative to traditional workers' compensation insurance. Consistent with Oregon Senate Bill 1558, OET has decertified itself as a self-insured group effective September 1, 2014. Empire Pacific Risk Management, Inc remains OET's administrator providing both administrative and claims management services.
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Empire Pacific Risk Management inaugurated OET in 2009. We provided all claims, risk management, and underwriting staff to administrate OET services. OET's past members remain contractually bound to the trust subsequent through both member-termination by OET and state decertification of OET as a self-insured group. Members may contact the Oregon DCBS – Workers' Compensation Division or Empire Pacific client services for more information.
Empire Pacific Risk Management provides professional administration for the Employers Trust. With Empire Pacific’s claims, risk management, and underwriting staff working collaboratively, members enjoy enhanced employer control and a clear focus on their company’s specific needs. Employers Trust members benefit from Empire Pacific’s low net-cost individual pricing and highly regarded client services.

For more information about the Oregon Employers Trust, contact Empire Pacific or your commercial insurance agent.